6 Most Creative Housewarming Gift Ideas for Art and Music Lovers

If you have a friend who sees art and hears music in everything, you would probably know what it’s like to receive a creative housewarming gift. More often than not, they are handmade, down to earth and most importantly, they are out of the ordinary.

In simple words, they are simple, thoughtful and straight from the heart. So, when the time comes to return the favour, it only makes sense to do the same for the art and music lovers. So what if your mind does not bend creatively as much as theirs, shopping for gifts for art and music lovers can fun. All you need is an insight into what ‘wows’ them and the right place to look for gift ideas.


Every artist and musician appreciate an elaborate book on their field of art and its old and contemporary techniques. This is why they make amazing gifts for all occasions. Since housewarming is a great opportunity to present decorative items to the recipients, coffee table books are something you can consider. Not only they add a classy touch to the coffee table, enjoying reading while sipping a hot beverage always feels nice. However, it is up to you and the budget you have decided for the gift, whether you should buy an expensive coffee table book. In case, you want to please your friend, but in a less expensive way, look for hardbound or paperback copies of books they would enjoy.

Music Collection

For a music-loving friend, there is nothing greater a gift than the gift of music itself. He or she would probably have a vast taste in music, wider than what is commonly heard. Different genres, different languages, different temperaments, your musician friend might have an inclination towards it all. You can compile his or her kind of music on an MP3 along with the songs you enjoy listening together so that he or she thinks of you while listening to it. You can even give them a music gift basket comprising of music DVDs of famous musicians from all over the world from various genres.

Wall Hanging Gifts

They make ideal housewarming gifts. Please the friend or loved one, who has recently bought or shifted to a new home, with a charming wall décor. You can spend a good amount of money on a ready made wall hanging. However, your friend would appreciate handmade décor made of jazzy embellishments and craft items. Take Do It Yourself crafts lessons online and create something wonderful depending on the theme of their interior décor.

Picture Frame

A lovely picture frame brightens up the place the moment it is displayed. These days, picture frames are available in a variety of materials. Wood and metal being the most favourite of all material, are often preferred with engravings. Make the picture frame more special as a gift by framing a painting replica of their favourite artist or someone they idolize in it. You can even frame a long forgotten picture of the two of you to bring back the memory of the good old times.


The best thing about giving tapestry as a gift is that, you can make one yourself and the effort that you have put in it truly shows in the intricacies. However, Do It Yourself tapestry costs more patience than it costs money. So, go ahead with it only if you think you have what it takes.

Metal Art

Metal sculptures enhance the home and garden with their elegance and rustic appearance. Wrought iron artefacts, brass figurines, copper decorative pieces look amazing in various settings and under all kinds of lightings. Besides, the more they age, the better the metal art appears that too in an effortless way. Make sure you do not pick the first thing you see in the market. Put some thought into it while making your selection.

It is wise to have a set budget in order to shop the best comfortably. However, if you have a tendency to go overboard you must buy gifts online. The best quality products are priced reasonably, asides being available in a wide variety.

80th Birthday Gift Ideas

If you know someone whose turning 80 then you’re going to enjoy some of these gift ideas. It seems like the older that someone gets the harder it is to shop for them. Which is why we decided to list some of the best 80th birthday gift ideas that we could think of. We found three amazing gifts for all those older people out there just for you. When we were searching for some gifts we thought what would an older person enjoy. It wasn’t easy but we managed to find some great gift ideas. As for our suggestions these are some of the best gifts we could find. We hope you enjoy them!

#3 Family Tree

One of those most amazing gift ideas that we could think of was a Family Tree. With this gift your recipient will be able to celebrate the special relationship he has with his family everyday. You would be surprised at exactly how easy a family tree can be found with the internet. In fact we were able to find a family tree service for only a couple of bucks. However the most expensive part is getting printed material like the tapestry that we were able to find. It was a personalized family tree printed on some fabric with a wonderful fringed border.

#2 Heirloom Family Blanket

For our second gift idea we found a family blanket that we thought was just wonderful. What’s better than spending your nights with your family? Even if they can’t be there they’ll always have the family blanket. The blanket is simply a blanket with a family portrait knitted on it. The blanket isn’t printed. It’s a custom made blanket that’s true knitted including over half a million stitches. This gift is actually a big ticket item for the price of $80. Of course it’s definitely worth it to bring your family or friends some joy.

#1 Birthday Book

For our final gift idea we’re going to recommend the “Your Times in History” birthday book. If you’ve never heard of this gift before it’s kind of a difficult concept. The book depends on your birthday. For example, let’s say your birthday is October 1. The book will contain all of the major headlines on that day. What amazed us about this gift the most is it’s originality. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a gift idea like this before. The gift is brought to you by The New York Times and cost approximately $170. Even though it’s not cheap it’s a cool gift idea.


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Learning The “Secrets” of Experts
The best lawyer is one that has few negative ratings and many positive ones. Further, you can also check their Twitter and Facebook accounts to determine whether they suit you. A passionate lawyer will work extra hours so as to gather as much information that he will use to argue your case. Also, your lawyer should consult you on his next step regarding your case so as to make sure that you are comfortable with it.
Lessons Learned About Attorneys
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Amazing Organic and Handmade Baby Gifts Ideas

If you are looking for a perfect baby gift option on the occasion of a baby’s homecoming party, then give a thought to organic gifts. Organic gifts are best for a baby since they have a delicate and sensitive skin. Organic products are safe and healthy, and also anti-allergic.

Remember, small babies are habitual in putting everything they can lay their hands on in their mouth; hence, it is necessary that everything around the baby, especially the toys, should be free from any kind of toxins.

Apart from organic gifts, handmade gifts are also very popular. Handmade gifts are special as they are a sign of your interest and painstaking efforts. These gifts can also be personalised to make them all the more special. Handmade gifts can include art magic box, nursing pillows, soothers, stuffed toys, burp cloths, and hats and bib sets.

Babies are adorable little beings who cannot comprehend much that is going on around them. Therefore, for many of us it becomes hard to decide the gift items for a little one. We all know that however joyful it is for a couple to enter parenthood, especially first time, raising a baby is a tough task.

This little new member in the house demands a lot of attention, care and time. Therefore, it is always recommended to choose gift items that the new parents will require to raise the little new member, but at the same time, ensuring that the gifts are safe for the baby’s use.

Make a gift basket from organic baby items. This is one of the best gift options that you can get for the newborn. These organic gift items are made from the best quality organic materials. They are adequately soft for the baby’s requirements. A great organic baby gift basket can include burp clothes, and dress materials made of organic cotton; anti-allergic stuffed toys; few teethers which help the baby in easing early teething pain, bibs, socks, towels, reversible blankets, leggings, and socks. Another great organic gift basket idea is to include organic toiletries a baby requires like organic baby soaps, shampoos, baby powder, moisturisers, oils, and much more.

Handmade gift items can also include items like handmade blankets, mittens and muffs, knitted or crocheted clothes, etc. You can also get handmade items for your little one and it would be quite safe too. Handmade blankets, mittens or muffs are very soft; get them knitted or crocheted for your newborn. You can even personalise these gifts by embroidering or printing the baby’s name or initials on the gift items, like on the blanket or mittens.

Along with these gifts for the baby, you can also find a special gift for the new parents. Create a special box or scrapbook and fill it with snippets, first pictures of the new born baby and the mother’s pregnancy, and other precious mementos associated with the baby’s birth.

Rakhi Gift Ideas For Teenage Sisters

If you have a teen sister, you will very well know how difficult it is to shop for her. Choosing a gift for her too is a sensitive issue. At this age and stage of life, girls have become their own persons and have a distinct personality of their own. Rakhi is an occasion that is of and for this special relationship of a brother and a sister. The Rakhi gift ideas covered here will guide you to choosing the perfect gift for your teenage sister on Rakhi.

Fashionable Cosmetics as Raksha Bandhan Gifts
This is the age when most young girls begin the transformation into young ladies with their distinctive personalities. Presentation of their own self thus becomes an essential part of their approach towards life. Thus, one natural choice of Rakhi gifts for teenage sisters is beauty products that goes with their dressing style and their choice. Some girls are very brand conscious, others would go for colours or smells irrespective of the product. But, the common idea is to look and feel good after the application of the cosmetics.

Designer Watches and/or Handbags for Your Sister
Girls and especially so teenage girls are in the process of discovering themselves. There is a freshness about them and that is the appeal in their beauty. This is the reason that just simple addition to their dress is enough for giving her a beautiful and complete look. So, accessories like designer watches and handbags will make her feel lovelier within and amazing outside. This gift idea will make this Rakshabandhan extremely special for her. She is sure to treasure this Rakhi present as a prized possession.

Personalized Gifts for Your Sister on Rakhi
If you feel your sister possess loads of everything and doesn’t really need something, go in for personalized Rakhi gifts. So even if she has loads of mugs, T-shirts, watches, pendants or bracelets, a personalized gift that bears her name will always hold that special place for her. The gift can have an imprint, name or a photograph of her and maybe of the both of you, it depends on your and her choice. It will always remind her of you and this occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

Silver or Pearl Jewelry as Rakhi Gifts for Her
The basic feature that is to be considered while going Rakhi gift shopping for your sister is the craftsmanship, authenticity and durability of the jewelry. One fashion trends that is very much in vogue these days is of silver and pearl jewelry. Be sure to look for a gift of jewelry that imbibes these very qualities. The right and more suited Rakhi gift of jewelry is sure to complement her beauty and personality.